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Individual Counselling Meerut

Dr. Kashika Jain

What is Counselling?

  • Basically in simple terms, counselling involves one person helping another person to work through some difficult or painful emotional, behavioral or relationship problem or difficulty.
  • Now a days, the art of talking therapies, like counselling are used to help people to come out from many problems they are facing. Generally counselling comes under talking therapies and allow people to discuss their problem and any difficulty they are facing in daily life, related relationships, feeling, social problems and confidence problems.
  • Dr Kashika Jain provide "Individual Counselling Near me"

The Role of the Counsellor

  • Counselling is a collective effort in which the counsellor works with parents, patience, students, teachers and children in order to plan and implement strategies to help people to become successful in the life.
  • A well educated counsellor will never behave judgemental, no matter what clients reveals, they should never judge their clients.
  • They never encourage them to behave in same way, they also told them solutions to behave in another way.
  • A good counsellor should have ability to understand problems from client perspectives. They should treat their clients in friendship manner so that they would be able to share everything.
  • Dr Kashika Jain provide "Individual Counselling in Meerut"

Types of Counselling

Based on the problems of clients we can divide counselling in many parts. This separation of counselling help people to chose their counselling sessions based on their specific problems. Counselling segregation require that your counsellor is specialist in their respective fields. Below we are mentioning some common types of counselling:

  • Guidance and career counselling.
  • Parenting.
  • Child Issues Counselling.
  • Depression Counselling.
  • Stress Counselling.
  • Personal Counselling.
  • Rehabilitation counselling.
  • Educational Counselling.
  • Mental health counselling.
  • Substance abuse counselling.
  • Marriage and family counselling.

Why choose Dr. Kashika Jain as a Counsellor?

  • Dr. Kashika Jain uses cognitive-behavioral and interpersonal theory approaches. These styles of therapy have been thoroughly researched and proven to be effective and are solution-focused.
  • She is Counsellor, Psychologist and Therapist and provides psychological treatment for depression, anxiety, relationship solution, child counselling, insomnia, mania, husband-wife relationship, child bonding, phobia, addiction, stress, OCD, bipolar disorder, Adhd, Schizophrenia, anger, attention deficit disorder, add, carrier counseling, weight loss therapy, and other psychological therapies.
  • Dr. Kashika Jain is CEO and founder of "Wonderful You-Psycho Solution Clinic.
  • She is a licensed psychologist with over ten years of experience.
  • For any career issue call +91-7017088338 and Book Appointment or visit


"When i met her it was the best day of my life. All the credit of my happiness i want to give it to her. Today i am all the right and happy in my life because of her treatment."

Sakshi Sharma (Name Changed Due To Confidentiality)

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