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Pareting Counselor in Meerut

Dr. Kashika Jain


  • Parenting Counseling aims to provide the necessary guidance, knowledge and most especially support to parents without bias towards their children. This way, they become more equipped to take care of their children.
  • Parents face different types of problems that can greatly affect how they take care or manage their families, especially in how they guide and raise their children.
  • Parenting Counseling also known as parenting therapy, is just " help with your child".
  • It also includes all loved ones, you and your spouse, you and your child, or just you.
  • Dr Kashika Jain is well known as "Parenting Counselor Near me"


  • Parents face problems such as finance and infidelity have a large impact on the marriage and children. Marital issues can result in low self esteem and a feeling of abandonment in children.
  • Single parent who are also the head of the family may find themselves spending significantly less time for themselves and their children.
  • Any abuse inflicted on the parents can build tension, fear and more aggression in the household.
  • Children can grow up with hate and anger with parent and even some children also become aggressive.
  • Dr Kashika Jain provide "Parenting Counseling Near me"


  • Raise good children who can contribute to society.
  • Provide a home that is loving, supportive and caring.
  • Parent can provide all the social needs of their children like ethics of society and moral education.
  • Take care of their respective spouse.
  • Support the community they are in to create a safe and productive place for their families.
  • Give their families a comfortable life.
  • Parenting Counseling offers various methods and tools that help parents to gain a better understanding of their parenting style and even restore the family, bringing back harmony and peace in the house.

Choose Dr Kashika Jain as "Best Parenting Counselor in Meerut"

  • To get the best treatment you need the best doctor and DR KASHIKA JAIN is one The Best Parenting Psychologist Near Me.
  • She is always ready to take care of patients, whenever needed. She is kind and humble in nature.
  • She also have skills in collaborating with others from different disciplines, organisation, employing respect, appreciation and communication.
  • She always let her patients talk and listen to them carefully. She can solve your every problem in easiest and simplest way.
  • For any parenting issue call +91-7017088338 and Book Appointment or visit


"When i met her it was the best day of my life. All the credit of my happiness i want to give it to her. Today i am all the right and happy in my life because of her treatment."

Sakshi Sharma (Name Changed Due To Confidentiality)

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